API685 Magnetic Drive Pumps for Oil&Gas Process

Gruppo Aturia collaborated on “Tempa Rossa” project supplying several Magnetic Driven API 685 Pumps for the Oil&Gas treatment.

The project, located in the Gorgoglione mining area, is in the heart of a region of rich natural landscapes, that holds an archaeological heritage of singular value. 

Therefore, the project implementation takes into account some critical points: sensitive environmental and social local context, complete integration of oil and gas treatment cycle with methane and LPG outputs, in compliance with the severest national and European health and environmental safety requirements.


Thanks to the wealth of experience acquired Gruppo Aturia operates in sectors involving extremely heavy-duty services that require high-tech pumps compliant with international standards required for such applications.

Pumps manufactured in compliance with the API 610 and API 685 standards find their natural application in chemical and petrochemical plants, as well as in oil refineries.
API 685 magnetic drive pumps are used for applications that require top reliability and safety to pump hazardous chemical products (toxic, flammable).

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