Wide Product Portfolio & Grounding Skills

Gruppo Aturia can offer a wide and proven range of pumps thanks to the heritage of seven different pump manufacturers all with a centenary history.

Gruppo Aturia specialists can develop new pumps either with new hydraulics or improving mechanical structure to better serve End Users for specific process needs or to update existing product to industrial codes (e.g. ISO, API, MILL and NFPA ) requirements.

Large Projects: Tailormade Design with Dedicated Management

Gruppo Aturia is a well referenced partner to handle projects with:

Gruppo Aturia supports Clients developing complex projects with a specialized team able to design engineered order equipment and manage job execution.

Supply Chain Management

Gruppo Aturia sources and integrates components and equipment (e.g. motors, engines, gears, control panels, cables, etc.) manufactured by qualified suppliers of primary brands from European and International markets.

Gruppo Aturia offers high-quality and reliable pumping units by exploiting the opportunities of an international supply chain. Focal points are compliance with applicable technical requirements, experience in the application, history of reliable supplies, and international assistance.

Components Quality Check

Gruppo Aturia has qualified personnel and instrumentation to check components integrated in the production of the pumps. Raw Materials and parts processed with CNC or traditional machines are verified in accordance with product and project requirements together with applicable standards.

Gruppo Aturia has in-house testing equipment to check 2D or 3D dimensions, roughness, chemical composition and main mechanical characteristics.

Pump Assembly & Skid Finalization

Site flexibility, handling capabilities and team professionalism make Gruppo Aturia a sure choice for the most important applications of your processes. Gruppo Aturia has the possibility to assemble, hydraulically test and check performance in various production sites in Europe. In all manufacturing sites, expert personnel assemble the components and operate with the most efficient production process: whether it is in line or in assembly islands, all pumps are completed with accessories and packaged to preserve their characteristics until installation at the user’s site.

Complete Factory Test

Gruppo Aturia has multiple test benches for pumps and packages: each bench is equipped to replicate operating conditions at the site and experienced personnel performs all measurements with certified instrumentation. Tests can be performed with Project or Test Bench Motors (up to 4 MW) fed by Direct-On-Line or by Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Frequency Converters, or, with Project Diesel Engines (up to 2.5 MW).

In recent years, Gruppo Aturia has carried out an important test-bench expansion campaign. Test capacity and flexibility has growth by increasing: