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Your role

In ATURIA we are aware that the technical skills of a recent graduate in Engineering are fundamental, but we would also like to collaborate with young talents able to demonstrate a strong professional ambition. This is the only way to do your best in a dynamic and international context like ours. Your work experience will start in the Technical Assistance or Commercial areas of our divisions. You can aim for a lot of entry roles.

The most popular are:

This is the best way to:

We are a company with a wide product portfolio and ATURIA serves very complex organizations in multiple applications. Therefore, if you share this passion with us, we expect you to be able to transmit it outside the company. Some people call it customer orientation, for us it’s just another side of your preparation.

Additional info: in ATURIA we are used to frequent changes, so don’t be surprised if your professional growth will be faster than you imagine.

Our expectations

In ATURIA you learn a lot and very quickly. But we would like to find something in you immediately:

We know that every recent engineering graduate is different, but there are “bonus skills” we try to find in anyone who wants to join us:

The learning process lasts on average 2-3 years. This is the reason why it is important to have your availability for short business trips or for any temporary transfers in Italy and abroad.


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