Fire Pumps for Refinery

Thanks to many years of experience in supplies in the Power Generation and Oil&Gas sector, Gruppo Aturia is able to manage complex projects with dedicated Project Management and the supply of all project technical documentation.

Customer requirements:


  • Dedicated enclosure design with the adoption of certified materials for low-temperature and special heating systems.
  • Supply of Fire-Fighting pumping system FM Approved.
  • Selection of primary suppliers operating in the Fire-Fighting sector and with a global service network.
  • The fire-fighting enclosures were installed in the Owner site to supply the sprinkler network placed to protect a specific refinery area.
  • The supply of enclosures correctly design for environmental conditions and the in-depth knowledge of the NFPA 20 standard, allowed the Owner to have a fire pumping system perfectly integrated into the refinery firefighting network.
  • The supply of complete enclosures fully tested in-house reduced site erection and commissioning activities, allowing the customer to meet the expected production start date.


The complete enclosures were successfully tested in the Gruppo Aturia test room according to NFPA20 requirements and witnessed by Owner with its full satisfaction.
Gruppo Aturia has guaranteed a start-up supervision service through highly specialized internal personnel with specific expertise in Fire-Fighting products.