Magnetic Drive Pumps Circulate Hot Oil

Gruppo Aturia covered a central role in an accelerator R&D project based at CERN: the Advanced Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment. It is a proof-of-principle experiment investigating the use of plasma wakefields driven by a proton bunch to accelerate charged particles.
Critical Issues:
To replace a vertical hot oil pump on the oil heater for the AWAKE Project on the Hadron Collider at CERN that was failing due to the temperature of the oil. The experiment required a range of temperatures from 20°C to 235°C which meant that the pump couldn’t transfer too much heat into the oil during the low-temperature experiments. The unit had to be compact and extremely reliable as maintenance isn’t possible due to periods of high radiation levels in the tunnel.
Solution:  NDM magnetically driven ISO 2858 pump.
A close-coupled magnetically driven NDM pump run via a remote VSD and is connected to the oil heating tank via new pipework and fittings including bellows.
Magnetically driven pumps have no seals and as the internal components are held in place by the magnetic couple, friction and therefore wear is significantly reduced within the pump chamber.
There is virtually no maintenance requirement as there are no seals to replace. If for some reason maintenance is required, the pump chamber assembly can be easily disengaged from the motor bracket.
As the motor shaft does not enter the pump chamber and the air gap between the rear pump chamber and drive magnet acts as a thermal barrier, magnetically driven pumps can minimize heat transfer into chilled liquids and are capable of handling high-temperature fluids.
The motor speed was controlled with VSD’s to allow the pump to deliver varying flows as required by the experiment’s different phases.