Mixed Flow Vertical Pumps for Large-Scale Irrigation

Gruppo Aturia has designed and built high-flow vertical pumps for an irrigation system in the desert area. The tailor-made design capacity of Aturia made it possible to optimize performance and the number of pumps supplied..

The project involved the creation of a main pumping station to draw water from the Nile River and the creation of two booster stations that would take it to the surrounding land for cultivation.

Thanks to many years of experience in the construction of high-flow pumps, acquired from the merger with the Marelli Group, Aturia has been able to satisfy all project requirements.

The consolidated experience in the sector has allowed the production of 88 large pumps which were tested in the Gessate test room of the site, and purposely enlarged to meet the needs of this project.

The choice of materials and construction design were determined by the characteristics of the pumped liquid (river water) which may contain suspended solids and therefore damage the rotating parts.

The solution involves the use of an open impeller to guarantee the passage of any solids suspended in the water and the use of chrome steel for greater resistance to abrasion.