Process and Fire Pumps for MOSE Flood Control

Gruppo Aturia Pumps supply in the MOSE Project: A Step Forward Towards Protecting Venice

In the context of the MOSE project (Experimental Electromechanical Module), aimed at defending the city of Venice and its lagoon from the threat of high water, the supply of pumps plays a crucial role. This ambitious project, initiated in 2003 and now already in operation, requires a wide range of innovative equipment and technologies, including a modern and reliable pumping systems.

Pumps are an essential component of the MOSE system, contributing to the operation of the four mobile barriers positioned at the mouths of the Venice lagoon. These barriers, composed of a total of seventy-eight movable gates, activate in response to high tides, protecting the city and its precious lagoon from potential devastation caused by high water.

Among the various types of pumps provided for the MOSE project, the following were supplied:

  • Gate Movement Pumps (29 pumps): These pumps are specifically designed to facilitate the movement of the mobile gates, allowing for precise and reliable regulation of the water level within the barriers.
  • Circulation and Transfer Pumps (56 pumps): Fundamental for the overall operation of the MOSE system, these pumps are responsible for the efficient transfer of liquids within the complex hydraulic system of the mobile barriers.
  • Fire Pumps (15 pumps): These pumps are crucial for ensuring the safety of the structures and personnel operating on the mobile barriers. Their ability to deliver water at high pressure is critical in emergency situations.
  • Mobile Pumps (12 pumps): Their mobility is a significant advantage in cases where it is necessary to quickly transport pumps from one point to another along the mobile barriers or at intervention sites.
  • Discharge Relay Pumps (6 pumps): Their role is crucial in ensuring the proper disposal of wastewater or any waste liquids produced during maintenance or emergency operations.


The supply of these pumps has been carefully managed to ensure the maximum reliability and efficiency of the MOSE system. Thanks to their presence and functionality, the MOSE project is getting closer to its goal of protecting Venice and its lagoon from the harmful effects of high tides.

Despite the challenges and controversies that have accompanied the journey of the MOSE project over the years, the supply of pumps represents a significant step towards the completion of this important hydraulic engineering work.

With the continued commitment and collaboration of experts and partners involved, MOSE is poised to become a bulwark against the threat of high water for the historic city of Venice.