Centrifugal Pumps for Industry

Vertical & Horizontal Pumps

ROTOS, Industry Division of Gruppo Aturia, supply pumps for heavy-duty applications that require norm compliance (ISO, API, ATEX, etc.) and technical support during selection.

Thanks to a continuous improvement of its test rooms, Gruppo Aturia can supply pumps to OEM, EPC and End Users fully tested in house. Without lifting and height limits, now can be tested:

Seal-less Magnetic Drive Pumps

In 2005, ROTOS – Industry Division of Gruppo Aturia – developed a complete line of SEAL-LESS MAGNETIC DRIVE PUMPS: with 18 different designs and over 250 basic models ROTOS can meet client’s exact process requirements.

Highly qualified technicians and specialized personnel, with more than 30 years experience, has designed and continues to develop SEAL-LESS MAGNETIC products. Improved hydraulics, mechanical construction and proprietary magnetic couplings support clients to achieve the highest levels of reliability and safety.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

ROTOS, Industry Division of Gruppo Aturia, integrated Finder Pompe experience in Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps. Finder Pompe (after acquisition of FMB Industry and CENTRA) has developed a strong experience in the design and operation of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps which have been supplied in multiple application. 
Today ROTOS grants an heavy duty design, high performance and valuable references with thousands of successful installations worldwide in several applications such as: air extraction from the main condenser, for condenser water box priming and vacuum filtration.
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps in its wide range can support to OEM and System Integrators in supply large industrial units/skids. 

Centrifugal Pumps for Marine Industry

A long tradition in Vertical Lube Oil Pumps and Bilge Submersible Pump-Sets make ROTOS a reliable partner for Packagers and Shipyards.
Gruppo Aturia is also available to provide support in development of high-end application for centrifugal pumps to be installed in navy sector.


ROTOS, Industry Division of Gruppo Aturia, has a complete line of products that provides its customers with the safest and most efficient solutions for many types of industrial applications.
Vertical, Horizzontal, Magnetic drive, multi-stage pumps and vacuum pump ranges can be offered by our specialied team. The wide range grant ROTOS support to OEM, System Integrators and End Users in a large variety of processes and industries.
With the possibility to test all products in house, ROTOS offers proven solutions that combine clients requirements to state of art products.


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