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Process Pumps according to API and ISO Standards

FINDER Division Heritage

FINDER, Oil & Gas division of Gruppo Aturia, merging experience of Rotos (formerly Pompes Guinard), Pompe Vergani (formerly Finder Pompe) and Pompe Cerpelli – is specialized in design, manufacturing and testing of Heavy Duty Pumps and process system.

With more than one hundred years, FINDER combines technical and manufacturing expertise in pump technology and provides knowledgeable solutions for all types industries, heavy-duty processes where advanced technical flow solutions and reliable product are required.

Design According International Standards

FINDER offers a wide range of pumping solution to meet most stringent standards and international codes.

Pumps can be provided in configurations fully compliant with:

Harsh Environments and Complex Fluids

FINDER is a leader in the design, manufacturing and testing of Engineering To Order Pumping Skids for upstream, midstream, and downstream applications.

Chemical, Petrochemical and Oil&Gas Industries can easily relay on FINDER expertise in harsh environments (offshore, desert, cold environments, explosive atmospheres,…) for pumping complex fluids such as crude oil, crude petroleum, fuel/biodiesel, refined petroleum products, ethanol, solvents, hydrocarbons, sulfur, etc.

Pump Assembly - Test Room - Skid Finalization​

With its Test Benches designed to verify API pumps performances, Merate plant became the main production hub for Heavy-Duty Process Pumps. Assembly, Testing, Skid Finalization, Packaging and Shipping are carried out through an optimized layout and streamlined workflow.


FINDER, Oil&Gas Division of Gruppo Aturia, has consolidated references all over the world with the most important Oil&Gas End-Users.

FINDER offers a complete range of API pumps with referenced in-house design:

  • API 610 Vertically Suspended & Side Discharge Pumps (VS1, VS2, VS4, VS6, VS7);
  • API 610 Overhung Pumps (OH1, OH2, OH3);
  • API 610 Between Bearing Pumps (BB1, BB2, BB3, BB5);
  • API 676 Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps (Twin-Screw Pumps);
  • API 685 Seal-less “Magnetic Drive” Pumps (suitable for OH2 and VS4 constructions).

FINDER pumps have proven service in on-shore and off-shore plants for the most severe Oil&Gas applications and harshest environments: used for refined petroleum product, raw crude oil, sulphur, ammonia, solvent, acids, caustic, ethanol with Low NPSH and low or high fluid temperatures.

FINDER customize the skids with tailor made design on “Engineering To Order” (ETO) basis providing full compliance to End-User Requirements and API latest edition and can incorporate:

  • Drivers from primary brands (diesel or electric) eventually supplied with feeders or controllers;
  • Seal systems from primary suppliers;
  • Insulation for personal protection or temperature conservation;
  • Heating for temperature conservation or for anti-freezing purposes;
  • Instrumentation to monitor temperatures, vibration and performances.
  • Special features (e.g. magnetic containment shell; design provisions for high temperature fluids; fluids which tend to solidify at low temperatures).

FINDER products are fully tested in house to meet stringent design codes requirements and highest quality standards assuring optimal performance.


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