Centrifugal Pumps for Water Application

Tradition in Innovation

Since 40s, when submersible motors and pumps production starts, Aturia begins to innovate and in 1946 patents first motor with oil bathed stator and water immerged rotor.

The evolution of thermoplastic materials gifts Aturia new materials for further product development: in the 60s the new Aturia submersible motors, insulated with thermoplastic material (PVC, PE), become the leading technology requested by clients. Aturia rewindable technology offered new life to motors that could be easily repaired (rewinded) at the end of service period.

Shortly after Aturia extends its range to high temperature waters (up to 50°C) adopting the new emerging wire technology (PE2+PA).

Along the last decades, Aturia adopts many further innovations to grant lower consumption (adapting its design to frequency converters), best efficiency (improving castings quality and hydraulics) and extended operative ranges (innovating motors design to pump hot waters, hot hard waters and water with suspended solid that create deposit on wet surfaces).

Surface Applications

Aturia , the Gruppo Aturia  Water Division, has integrated the centuries-old heritage of pump manufacturers and system integrators operating in water distribution, irrigation, reclaim, and water treatment.

The wide range of well-referenced vertical, horizontal, and multistage pumps ensures always the best solution for each Customer application.

Aturia is able to customize and adapt products based on Customer needs with a special focus on efficiencies to guarantee energy saving.

Aturia products can be supplied in different materials: from cast iron, for standard applications to super duplex for heavy duties.

Thanks to the large testing rooms Aturia can guarantee the test of pumps at full speed on the entire working range.

Submersible Applications

Since 1946 Aturia has designed, manufactured, and tested Submersible PUMPS and MOTORS and supplies thousands of Pumps starting from water distribution in the Milan Area and arriving to serve the complex needs of international customers.

Over the years Aturia develops Pumps and Motors to offer clients enhanced efficiency, flexibility, and durability.

With deep experience in application with High Water Temperatures (up to 65 C), Hard Water, and Low-Speed Water, Aturia water division offers well-referenced PUMPS and MOTORS for several harsh environments such as Offshore, Mining, and Sea Water lift.

In the last decade, Aturia starts the development of Medium Voltage Submersible Motors with higher power ranges. The new winding and cooling system are specifically designed to operate with high voltage, high current, and high temperatures.

Pumps Developed on Specific Client Needs

Gruppo Aturia can develop new hydraulics and special mechanical design based on its wide portfolio and engineering experience.
Performance can be tested IN HOUSE for pumps up-to 50.000 m3/h and 4 MW electric input.


Aturia offers a wide range of pumps to cover the needs of water distribution, irrigation, reclaim, and water treatment sectors.

Vertical turbine, Split-case, Multistage, and Submersible Pumps can be manufactured in different materials (such as cast iron, ductile iron, steel, duplex, and Super Duplex) in order to adapt to process needs, pumped fluid characteristics or maximize performance durability over the years.


With its wide product portfolio, experience and multiple installations for heavy-duty applications can provide reliable solutions and optimized performance according to site conditions.

For specific projects, customized pumps can be designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested to optimize special operating points which cannot be covered with standard series.


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