Gruppo Aturia Service

Gruppo Aturia experienced staff is oriented to support End-Users offering:

Supervision at Site

Service Department provides supervision to installation, commissioning and start-up of pumping stations and pump rooms, ensuring a smooth transition from delivery to operation. Expertise extends to alignments, vibration analysis, start-up checks and performance tests, guaranteeing optimal performance.

End-Users can rely on the professional support of the service team throughout every phase of the process, maximizing the reliability and efficiency of their pumping systems. With dedicated assistance from the service department, customers can have confidence in the smooth operation and longevity of their equipment.

Original Spare Parts

Service and Technical departments can provide SPIR LISTS and SUGGESTED SPIR LISTS to avoid long downtime periods related to missing components. A dedicated team – specifically established to handle any spare parts requirements – grants quick replies and deliveries to all Customers around the World. Original spare parts meet the correct tolerances and clearances, thus grant a proper and reliable replacement for the End-Users. Only providing original spare parts for pump components and accessories, End-Users can extend the duration of the plant.

Repair and Upgrades

Service Department is instrumental in maintaining the functionality of pumps, offering a range of repair services tailored to meet diverse client needs. With expertise in workshop repairs and specialized supervisors, ensure that pumps are restored to optimal condition. Collaborating closely with the R&D department, identify areas for improvement in pump design, materials, and performance, driving innovation to enhance overall reliability and efficiency.

By engaging with End-Users operations, Service Department gains valuable insights into specific requirements and challenges, allowing the development of customized solutions and upgrades.

Through these collaborative efforts, Service Department plays a vital role in ensuring the longevity and performance of pumps in various industries.


Service Department offers comprehensive training sessions tailored for End Users (technical, operational and maintenance personnel) to effectively service and operate the products.

Training sessions can be conducted at-site, at manufacturing locations, or from remote.

Management and service technicians benefit from specialized training aimed at enhancing their skills and knowledge in product maintenance and operation.

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