Submersible Pumps For Drainage System

Sudbrook’s pumping stations play an important role on the railroad, there is a constant need to extract water, and several pumps are constantly operating and extracting millions of liters of water a day.

Gruppo Aturia covered a central role in the modernization of the Severn Tunnel drainage system, the vital link on the South Wales Mainline between England and Wales, supplying 14 submersible pumps and motors.

Part of the safe operation of this tunnel involves extracting significant quantities via a system of fourteen pumps in five shafts along the tunnel’s length.

Critical Issues:

The pumps are in two conditions:

 – the spring water drainage system extracts water that comes from the “big spring” that flooded the tunnel when it was impacted during construction;

– the drainage system that extracts what enters through soil drainage or by filtering through the tunnel lining;

– the pumping process is critical to maintaining route availability through the Severn Tunnel and extracting individual pumps is costly and reduces any redundancy built into the overall pumping system.


It is the project’s aspiration that the works provide improvements in technology and new equipment that will facilitate energy savings, easier maintenance, and more accurate monitoring of asset condition: robustness and reliability is the primary principle.


The new design of the pumps supplied by Gruppo Aturia improved a lot the drainage capabilities with a tailor-made solution developed by experienced engineers allowing the possibility to significantly reduce the water levels of the shafts.

The pump type is a submersible vertical multi-stage with wet windings; motor shrouds also direct the water flow for additional cooling.